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"I feel wonderfully relaxed.  This was an awesome experience. I feel Peaceful". 

Marie R.

"Absolutely delicious. Felt energy moving and opening.  Tingling and rippling feelings and totally relaxing.  Very spiritual sense of energy. I would definitely recommend".

Louise P.

"The Raindrop session was so incredible.  It was so relaxing and felt like all the stress and tension was lifted. I highly recommend everyone gets this done". 

Megan W.

"Very spiritual and healing.  The most  relaxing experience you can have.  My body felt extremely relaxed and not as tense"

Emily W.

"It's the most relaxing time Ive experienced . I normally have neck pain, with the oils and touching massage made me feel pain free and more flexible".  

Joanne T.

"Amazing! She was an absolute Pro. It felt so relaxing!  Thank You!"

Francine L

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