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I have been going to Reiki Circle with Diane for over a year now... it is an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating experience!!! I look forward to it every month!

The Raindrop, one on one sessions are truly amazing!! They leave you feeling totally unstressed, almost blissful, calm and happy, and the feeling lasts for over a day!! I highly recommend either of these two sessions to anyone looking for inner peace , relaxation and inspiration!!! 

Janet M.

"I feel wonderfully relaxed.  This was an awesome experience. I feel Peaceful". 

Marie R.

Diane has helped me in so many ways I couldn't even imagine was possible. She truly knows what she is doing.  Her energy is very touching and she is very knowledgeable in what she does.

Carla A

"Very spiritual and healing.  The most  relaxing experience you can have.  My body felt extremely relaxed

and not as tense"

Emily W.

I have had the pleasure of attending many of Diane's Reiki Circles. After each circle, Diane personally works on each person who attends. This is always such a moving experience that many of leave in tears (happy and healing tears). It is such a healing experience that you always leave with so much inner peace and love

I have also had the wonderful experience of having one of Diane's Reiki Raindrop Treatments. This is a one-on-one with Diane, where she dedicates an hour solely to you Here she will work with your chakras unblocking any energy that is stuck.

I also sent my daughter who was having trouble conceiving. Diane worked her healing powers and my daughter was pregnant the very next month. I now have a beautiful healthy 3-month grandson. Diane is one of the most beautiful and generous souls I have ever met.

If you haven't attended any of her classes, do so. You will be in for a very special treat!

Sherri D.V.

" Absolutely delicious. Felt energy moving and opening.  Tingling and rippling feelings and totally relaxing. Very spiritual sense of energy.  I would

definitely recommend "

Louise P.


I tried crystal healing with a Diane for the first time and wanted to share my experience - because it was amazing!


Generally, I come to Diane for Raindrop Reiki healing sessions. But right now I am experiencing very high levels of stress - it’s like that movie “Everything everywhere all at once.” I have little time for myself, and my sleep patterns are off. 

So Diane suggested crystal therapy, and I trust her, so I tried it. I lay there, relaxed, eyes closed and let her work her magic. I felt the energy emerge from the stones and just let my body flow with it. I can’t explain to you what exactly this is, but I can tell you it works.

Diane is a gifted healer, and she is a warm and lovely and caring human being. If you get a chance schedule some time with her. You will thank me!

Victoria C.

"The Raindrop session was so incredible.  It was so relaxing and felt like all the stress and tension was lifted. I highly recommend everyone gets this done". 

Megan W.

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