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Reiki with Crystal Chakra Balancing

A crystal healing session allows your energy to resonate with the energy of the stones. This is done by placing the stone's on the body's grounding points known as the chakra system. During a typical crystal healing session, stones may be placed on the body’s seven chakras as you are guided through meditation and visualization to balance the body’s energy, allowing the energy to flow freely.


          This beautiful one hour session balances, harmonizes and restores the energy flow throughout the body. Auras are scanned, your chakras then become cleared using Reiki, a pendulum, Tibetan bells, essential oils and crystals. Everyone can benefit from chakra balancing. You don’t need to be suffering from an illness to have your chakras balanced, realigned, or healed.  All ages including infants and young children can benefit from chakra balancing. Chakra balancing will be particularly helpful to those who are experiencing physical or emotional instability.

          It helps those who feel disconnected or out of touch with themselves and other people.

When you balance your chakras, you will be able to release any emotional energy, negative emotion, or blocked pattern.

          When your chakras are balanced, you will also become more confident and will be able to manifest your desires without losing your sense of who you are. When balanced, you will have a strong and powerful sense of connection with the divine and an improved ability to manifest what you want to create in your life.

          When there’s a free flow of energies to your chakras, you enjoy the clarity of mind, you are focused, and you maintain a strong connection to your inner being.


“Because healing stones resonate at the same frequencies as energy centers in the human body, they can be used to shift the body’s energy system and bring any imbalances and blockages back to balance.”

                 ~ Cosmic Cuts

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