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"Reiki can never and will never belong to just one person or one organization. Reiki is the spiritual heritage of all humanity."

- Dr. Mikao Usui.

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Welcome to our reiki circles and shares!   Reiki circles are places of deep healing and self-discovery. 

Each one in turn receives from the group in an equal balance of giving and receiving. 

We open with introductions followed by a group meditation which then leads into the sharing of hands-on practice of giving and receiving healing touch. Each person will be able to receive Reiki.   

The Reiki circle breaks down boundaries in a safe, compassionate manner and allows individuals to help each other. Participants will have an immediate experience of stress reduction and relaxation.

No experience is necessary.

Each session will offer different meditations and focus on different healing topics.  All dates will be listed upon being scheduled.  Join our mailing list so you don't miss out on these events.


Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and water bottle if possible.

We welcome you to come experience this gift of peaceful relaxation, stress reduction and rejuvenation.


Reiki Blessings to All!

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