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Special Crystal body layouts

 Crystals are the vehicle by which we experience these high frequencies and energies. Crystals frequencies directly correlate to certain chakras making crystals an extremely useful healing method. Crystals have calming vibrations. There are many unique paths to take when connecting with crystals and their vibrations.  While there is no one-size-fits-all method for crystal healing, the process of healing comes from intention. Similar to a massage, crystal healing is a practice that is intended for relaxing, restoring, and renewing yourself, but on a much deeper, more connected level. Crystal healing is most effective when intentions are set and energy channels are open and susceptible to repairing the soul.


This is a beautiful session where crystals are customized for working with intention. Along with a guided meditation and reiki prayers and symbols, body layouts are an easy powerful way to work with crystal energy by simply placing crystals on and around the body.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is intended to promote balance in all living things. It is channeled in accordance with divine intelligence and with the intention of healing energy for the highest good.

Crystal’s bring balance to your cells in your body, your emotions, your mind, thoughts and senses. They help to relieve stress and bring you back to a place of stability and happiness. Crystals can store and focus energy to another, transmute negative energies and stimulate positive forces. Different crystals affect different parts of the physical and spiritual bodies, including functions, thought, and emotions or feelings. Crystals can help speed up healing in many or all circumstances. 

Some highlighted body layouts Ie:  ADHD, Relaxation, Finding Abundance, Releasing Negative Patterns, Fertility, Pregnancy, Letting Go, Addiction, Love, Emotional Trauma, Sexual Trauma, Depression, Grounding, Gratitude, Broken hearts, Angel Connections, Creativity, Pain, Back Pain, Healing the Past, Headaches, Anxiety and Stress, Sleep, Detoxification, Focus, PMS and Period Pain, Menopause, Sexual Health Male and Female, Motivation, Communication, Positive Mindset, Courage, Direction, Protection, Cancer, Manifestation,Fear, Anger, Spiritual Awaking,Health And Wellness,Transition and Change,Confidence and Self esteem, Happiness and Joy, Meditation, Inner peace, Energy, Self Acceptance, Anger, and so many more.

When it comes to your overall wellbeing, your emotional health is an integral part of keeping yourself balanced and aligned. Using a crystal layout is a great way to help you achieve emotional balance.    

Everything around us is energy, and crystals are connect to the varying energies, so you can heal from them.

Deeper information on the body layouts

Abundance- Attracts financial wealth, encourages career success, maximizing your potential.



Release from addictive mindsets and urges.  Awareness of addictive crutches in our life.  Encouragement to find freedom from emotional, behavioral and physical dependencies.



Anxiety and Stress-

Relief from stress, anxiety ad panic attacks.  Releases obsessive or overwhelming thoughts. helps with mental clarity and prospective. provides relief from stress induced headaches and helps calm the overactive mind.


Anger can be caused by many different triggers.  If we  trace an angry outburst the root is  almost always from fear, pain and disconnection.

This crystal layout will reduce the frequency or intensity of rage- based emotions. Increased patience and emotional Stability. Reduced feelings of frustration.  Improved relationships. Greater calm and emotional balance.



We all have experienced that feeling of being lost at some point in our lives that can be triggered from the lost of a loved one, loss of a job, a relationship break up.  At these times we can feel  dissatisfaction or lack of fulfillment, overwhelmed by feelings of uncertainty, Creativity seeing the path ahead. Assistance and reconnection with your purpose. It is important to remember there is always a positive path forward.  This Crystal healing will Support through feelings of uselessness and feeling lost. Assistance in determining the next step and getting back on tract.

Emotional Trauma-

Release from emotional trauma. HEaling support after loosing a loved one. Support to move on emotionally after heartbreak. Release from negative emotional patterns and behavior. Support through grief, emotional turmoil and emotional abuse.



For a person who has low energy, we have to consider what is causing the lethargy. Life factors play a huge role. Some causes are iron deficiency, poor diet, sluggish digestive system, compromised immune system, lack of sleep, lack of motivation or self worth, disconnection form our purpose.  The stones used  will help increase energy, increased motivation, Feeling more alert and awake, greater stamina and Vitality.


This Body Layout  helps overcoming fear phobias.  Identification and release of fear -based success blockers. Support for times of fear -based instability (such as being alone after a break up, fear of financial insecurities during unemployment) Transformation of fear into growth.


Letting go- 

This layout is powerful healing for those who need to let go and release old pain and trauma. It is beneficial for clearing the pathway for moving forward with renewed direction, freedom and positivity.  Some healing outcomes are releasing painful past. Support for moving on from a traumatic life event. Release of no- serving  emotions such ad bitterness, guilt, resentment, blame, betrayal, sadness and prolonged grief.  Getting unstuck from a rut, support through unexpected transition and change.


This layout radiates with love, support, self- confidence and emotional healing, which are key when inviting love into your life.We need to heal and learn to love our selves before we can love another.  Healing outcomes are release from emotional trauma and heartache.  Opening the heart chakra. Acceptance, trust, love and forgiveness.  Emotional support and connection.  Attracting a soulmate or partner. Reconnecting to the emotional self.  Acceptance of vulnerability.

Pregnancy and Fertility-

This healing layout helps prepare the body energetically for pregnancy.  Healing support through fertility treatments and IVF.  Enhancing the fertile window of opportunity for pregnancy. This layout is ideally performed on a woman with no underlying biological risk factors and who is at the start of her pregnancy journey. The goal is to provide fertility support and promote speedier conception and a healthier pregnancy.

Self- Acceptance-

This body layout increases self esteem and confidence. It reconnects you with personal power.  Releases negative projections.  Self forgiveness, love and acceptance.

" Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods."

- Mikao Usui.

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