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My love of Reiki

Hi, My name is Diane SanPaolo, and this is my very first attempt at blogging. I am so not a writer but am so passionate about so many things that I decided to start sharing. If you are an English major, close your eyes and bare with me as I am all heart.

Like most of us, Covid has taken a toll on us emotionally and for some physically as well.

I don't know about you, but I have had enough of this! So many are suffering from anxiety and stress, uncertainty and physical issues from Covid and / or the covid shot.

This prompted me to start a monthly Reiki circle. I started doing this in November and have really loved having the opportunity to come together monthly with beautiful people who are looking for comfort and peace in their life right now. It's a lovely way to share with others who are feeling the same way and to give yourself permission to put aside that time just for you.

There is always a topic of healing and as you get to know me you will realize I am passionate about Young Livings essential oils and life style. I love to share all of what I use and the knowledge I have about how the oils work. I always incorporate a few oils into the session to show you other modality choices you have in the healing process. This gives you a chance to also try and experience them for yourself. With soft music, you are guided through a meditation holding on to crystals. After the meditation, each person in the circle receives a 12-15 min individual mini reiki session.

As you are waiting for your turn, there are Angel cards to pick and read about along with other book sources. You can sit and put your feet on a Salt block to help detox you and there are crystals you can hold and meditate with.

The Topic of March's reiki circle is the sacral chakra. come and join me!

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