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Special Young Living classes for mind, body, and spirit.

"Bathe in Believe.  You need to believe in who you are and in your power."

~ Gary Young

Essential oils can be very helpful in supporting a positive emotional atmosphere, helping you to relax and calm the mind and emotions when you get yourself all tied up in knots with occasional everyday stress and worries. They really are nature’s perfect solutions to support you emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally throughout each and every day. They are one of the great untapped resources in the world.


Essential oils can help evoke positive emotions and the release negative emotions allowing you to stay emotionally balanced and healthy. 

Please join me in the many workshops and classes that are available to support you.  I educate on the benefits of each oil, how to use and where to apply them.

Private classes are available upon request in person and on zoom. Please join our mailing list and you will be updated on all our events.

Next event will be on TBA. I will be sharing oils and teaching  TBA in my reiki circle. Reiki is not required you can just come to learn about Young Living.

Next Reiki circle is on TBA. Click to registerer.

Monthly Gifts with Purchase

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