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2 hours

About the Course

This Is a special workshop reviewing the Reconnect™ kit that contains four essential oil blends that offer the aromatic support you need to clarify your mind and support a positive and grounded perspective on life.
The oils were created to support those on the spectrum to empower them with inspiration, productivity, and positivity. It is ideal when you are concentrating on work or projects. The oils create an uplifting and stimulating environment to encourage positivity to help the inner mind and spirit blend with the body in one accord and sets the scene for a calm nighttime routine. The Reconnect kit was formulated to help maintain mental acuity and focus. It allows the mind to react positively and reconnect to surroundings. It relaxes and calms the body and mind prior to bedtime. It grounds and unites the body, mind and spirit with reality. It encourages positive energy in times of restlessness and unease. It aids in staying on task, releases negative emotions and promotes higher thoughts of self worth.
Other supporting oils will also be discussed.

Your Instructor

Diane SanPaolo

As an ordained holistic minister, it is my greatest desire to help others and break the barriers to a more harmonious life.  I have been blessed to have the many beautiful oils from Young Living and have been educated on their benefits to teach you.

Diane SanPaolo
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