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Great Day Protocol




1 hour

About the Course

Have you ever woken up feeling unstoppable and ready to seize the day? Whether you’re a morning person or not, there’s no denying that the first moments of your day are the most important.
Incorporating essential oils into your morning routine can amplify your intentions and enhance your feelings of confidence so you can start your day from a place of strength. Layering and blending specific oils in distinct ways can help cultivate the right mindset and manifest your goals .

That’s why Young Living founder, D. Gary Young, put together an empowering essential oil routine, Gary’s Great Day Protocol embrace this sentiment, and when used together are a powerful way to start each day with intention and empowerment 

It is within the daily rituals and nurturing of the inner self that cultivates the resilience and optimism we need to achieve our biggest dreams and seize the day!

Your Instructor

Diane SanPaolo

As an ordained holistic minister, it is my greatest desire to help others and break the barriers to a more harmonious life.  I have been blessed to have the many beautiful oils from Young Living and have been educated on their benefits to teach you.

Diane SanPaolo
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