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Freedom Sleep and Release 




2 hours

About the Course

Alongside researchers and doctors, Gary Young of Young Living formulated two kits of pure therapeutic essential oils to help aid in the recovery of those that suffer PTSD. The Freedom Release and Freedom Sleep kits have already proven their abilities to help those who suffer..

The Freedom Sleep collection was created using essential oil blends that have aromas to support a positive energy flow, helping to relax and calm.

The Freedom Release collection contains oils with scents created to bring a sense of balance and harmony and to attract love and joy. The aromas in these blends help promote forgiveness, elevating the mind and bringing out the gentle characteristics within oneself for a positive outlook on life. 

Your Instructor

Diane SanPaolo

As an ordained holistic minister, it is my greatest desire to help others and break the barriers to a more harmonious life.  I have been blessed to have the many beautiful oils from Young Living and have been educated on their benefits to teach you.

Diane SanPaolo
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